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The ADMINS Unified Community Revenue modules have been designed to easily adapt to your municipality’s billing and collection needs. These modules provide complete control over all cash collected, and integrate with the Unified Community General Ledger and Accounts Payable modules to properly manage revenue, receivables, refunds, and cash activity. All modules allow simultaneous multi-year processing with extensive inquiry and reporting features including an ad hoc report building tool.

Real Estate and Personal Property
Motor Excise
Miscellaneous Receivables

The modules make it easy to view all outstanding obligations for a customer from a single point of entry. The software interfaces with cashier stations including receipt printers, optical scanners and check validators to expedite revenue collection operations.

The cash management features allow the Treasurer’s office to quickly process departmental turnovers, reconcile receivables, payables, cash accounts, bank statements, and manage cash flow. Standard features include account number and revenue code security, electronic approvals, decentralized entry with centralized processing, on-demand and batch posting help manage your departmental turnovers while minimizing the occurrence of data entry errors.

The Collection module provides all tax collection functions including payment processing, issuing duplicate bills, applying NSF charges, computing interest, and generating payoff amounts on-line. The software handles all types of payments including counter transactions, lockbox, escrow, and on-line payments. Receipts, validated checks, bill reprints, and municipal lien certificates can be quickly generated upon request. The system features integration of automated daily balance files for on-line bill payers.

Account information can be easily retrieved by account number, bill number, name, or location. The module is designed to apply multiple forms of payment (cash, check or credit card) to multiple bills (real estate, excise and miscellaneous) from a single point of entry and generate a single receipt. One easy-to-use interface manages all current and delinquent receivables, projects pay-off amounts, applies partial payments, overpayments, and automatically disburses payments to open charges based on a user defined hierarchy. Easily issue demand notices, write-off uncollectible balances, apply overdraft fees, and process transfers or adjustments.

The Real Estate and Personal Property modules generate and manage all municipal tax charges. Easily interface to 3rd party assessment applications to upload valuation and ownership data, utilize an unlimited number of tax rate algorithms to determine tax due, and issue bills on quarterly, semi-annual, or annual billing cycles. Bills can be generated in-house or sent to a 3rd party bill printing service. The modules interface with laser printers and bill scanning equipment to simplify payment processing.

Using a comprehensive set of tools you can manage current ownership, previous ownership, account balances, and multiple mailing addresses for both single and multi-use parcels. Standard features provide for abatements, exemptions, an unlimited number of charges, and added, omitted and supplemental billing cycles. You can also apply utility liens, betterments and special assessments to an account. Tax Title, Deferral and Bankruptcy processing is included in the Real Estate Module.

The Motor Excise module manages all state and locally mandated excise charges. The software imports 3rd party commitments, processes multiple billing cycles, allows for mass waivers, handles bill-by-bill abatements and processes re-committed bills. The module also interfaces with laser printers and bill scanning equipment to speed and simplify payment processing.

The Miscellaneous Receivables module issues invoices for other non-tax fees and charges such as Trash Hauling. Unlimited charge types and associated fee structures provide a single integrated solution for all miscellaneous receivables processing. The module provides for multiple billing cycles, an unlimited number of billing types and charges per type. The software collects all types of payments and recalculates balances accordingly until final payment is made.


  • Unlimited receivable types
  • Unlimited charges per receivable type
  • Multiple tax rates per receivable
  • Single point of entry for all payments
  • Apply partial, full, overpayment or pre-payment entries
  • Process over-the-counter or mail in payments
  • Automated attachments of bill copies
  • Unlimited attachments of electronic files
  • Reconcile bills, coins, checks and other payment types by batch
  • Calculate future payoff amounts on-line with projected interest
  • Process on-demand or batch postings
  • Maintain unlimited history on-line
  • Generate CSV exports for mailing lists and form letters
  • Current balance bill reprints emailed to taxpayers
  • Year to date payment history may be emailed to taxpayers


  • Customer receipts
  • Outstanding receivables as of a date, by Bill #, by Category
  • Revenue summary by Date, Type, Batch #, Category
  • Daily Cash Journal
  • Monthly Cash Activity
  • Treasurer’s receipts
  • Lockbox summary
  • Transaction History by account
  • Adjustment History
  • Refunds Due
  • Ad hoc reporting tool
  • Generate Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets
  • Municipal Liens Certificates with integrated attorney address tables minimizes data entry effort


  • Seamless integration with General Ledger module
  • Generate refund vouchers in Accounts Payable
  • Upload check data from Accounts Payable
  • Print bills via output file to 3rd party printing service
  • Upload lockbox and escrow payment files
  • Scheduled tasks run overnight in batch for daily balance files
  • Budget anticipated revenues with the Budget Module


  • Experienced, professional staff
  • After hours / Emergency support available
  • Regulatory changes included in support agreement
  • Continual product upgrades and enhancements

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