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Human Resources

The pillars of the ADMINS Unified Community Human Resources system are a table driven, exception based Payroll module and a position based Personnel module. Together, these modules comprise all of the position management, attendance tracking, payroll processing, and benefit administration capabilities needed to support your municipal and school departments.


Running a payroll is easy once the department specific rules, employee’s standard wages, and work schedules are defined. The module is designed to process payroll “by exception”. This means that “normal” earnings and withholdings per employee are activated per pay period. Then, only changes to the “normal” activity are entered into electronic timesheets. Unlimited earnings, benefit and accrual types make it easy to track the level of detail that is needed in a comprehensive Human Resource system.

Separate front office departments can independently enter time and attendance (daily or by cycle) while paychecks and benefits are administered centrally by the back office. Changes to employee withholdings and/or benefit plan costs may be entered up to one year in advance, thereby alleviating the crunch time it normally takes to enter changes and calculate paychecks. Mid-period changes to earnings and/or benefits are easily accommodated within a single payroll cycle.

The Human Resources module can simultaneously handle multiple weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-annual, annual, “no-time”, and special user-defined payrolls. The system easily manages the needs of school departments including lump sum teacher payrolls, teachers leaving mid-year, substitute teachers requiring scalable rates, balloon payments and accounting for fiscal yearend splits.

Standard features include multiple levels of security controls. Separate security rules for data entry can be defined by position and timesheet group. The system also checks for valid labor distribution accounts, available funds and available leave balances at time of data entry. Security checks at the position, group and account number levels ensure that only designated employees have access to restricted information. The system even provides employees with secure access to review their personal withholding status, leave usage, and wage history.

The module also provides a comprehensive set of essential reports and summaries including: calendar of leave usage, timesheet history, employee listings, position listings, detailed check history, leave accruals (cash value) report, encumbrance balances, and statistical analyses of benefit enrollment. The system also allows for customized paycheck layouts, and an ad hoc report/query generator is available to handle special requests.

Human Resources is designed to easily integrate with other Unified Community modules and 3rd party products. Payroll can import time clock data from external systems, automatically post wages, benefits and encumbrances to the Unified Community General Ledger module, and seamlessly integrate with the Unified Community Budget and Accounts Payable modules. As needed, the system will generate outside detail invoices, collect payments and issue customer statements. Payroll is also designed to optionally encumber wages and/or benefits, process personnel action forms, and create corresponding withholding vouchers in the Accounts Payable module.



  • Process multiple payrolls simultaneously including “trial” payrolls
  • Unlimited positions, account distributions, wages, deductions and benefits per employee
  • Unlimited salary schedules, grades and steps with effective date controls
  • Unlimited wage types including regular, overtime, non-working and premium
  • Unlimited mandatory and voluntary deduction and benefit types including pre-tax, post-tax, % of wages, and flat amount
  • Unlimited direct deposits per employee
  • Supports entering earnings and benefit changes up to 2 years in advance
  • Supports Benefit Tier administration
  • Automatically accrue leave with each payroll cycle
  • Validate leave usage against available balances and prevent overdrafts
  • Create your own accrual and forfeiture algorithms for perfect attendance, birthday accruals and more
  • Automatically calculate retroactive and longevity payrolls
  • Global salary and step changes
  • Hire and Terminate seasonal help en mass
  • Automatically compute Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) adjustments
  • Manage skills/certifications including expirations, renewals and lapses
  • Extensive on-line inquiry and reporting of wages, accruals, deductions, and more
  • Unlimited history on-line
  • GASB43 and GASB45 Compliant
  • Optionally encumber earnings and/or benefits for one, some or all positions
  • View calendar of earnings and leave activity
  • Benefit statements give employees “at a glance” all of the components that make up the total package of their compensation


  • Multi-layered security (by Menu, Function, Timesheet Group, or Position)
  • Supervisor and override controls
  • Validate labor distribution accounts and available funds on entry
  • On-line audit trail of all changes to employee data


  • Automatically post wages, benefits and encumbrances to the ADMINS Unified Community General Ledger
  • Automatically allocate wages and benefits to departments
  • Seamlessly integrate with ADMINS Unified Community Budget and Accounts Payable
  • Import time clock data from 3rd party products
  • Share employee data with personnel functions
  • E-mail direct deposit advices
  • Produce Outside Detail invoices, collect payments and issue customer statements
  • 941, W2, 1099R, EEO and other specialized reporting
  • 1095C and ACA Reporting
  • Supports multiple bank accounts with integrated Due To/Due From transfers

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