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Introducing 9.2

The ADMINS Rapid Application Development Toolkit Version 9.2 expands the existing capabilities of the robust and reliable transaction processor. Level 4 files are the underlying structure that make these enhancements possible.

Version 9.2 offers a new way to rapidly develop applications using AppMenu. Case blind sort enhances the user experience by offering a more intuitive sorting model. With 9.2, an unlimited number of alternate indices make "slicing and dicing" data possible in any way imaginable. Grid controls provide the end user with a familiar look and feel. Automatic field logging allows invaluable tracking of what was changed, when, and by whom. Lookup menus improve data retrieval accuracy and ease.

The user interface allows more screen space and tabs to subscreens. More fonts, colors, boxes, radio buttons and other GUI controls are available.

Standard output options now include Excel®, XML®, and PDF®. Using a lightweight SMTP allows emailing data and reports. The software allows full integration via a proprietary dynamic link library to Crystal Reports® and other ODBC compliant products. ADMINS provides ADMCRV®, the ADMINS Crystal Reports Viewer, to display ADMINS data in a polished manner and save the report as a PDF® for electronic attachments and to ensure interoperability across a host of printers.


  • AppMenu
  • Level 4 Files
  • Grid Controls
  • Lookup Menu
  • Case-Blind Sorting
  • Automatic Field Logging
  • Unlimited Alternate Indices
  • User Interface Enhanced with more screen space and tabbed browsing
  • More fonts, colors, boxes and buttons
  • Output options now include: Excel®, XML® PDF®
  • Crystal Reports® integration
  • Email & Web integration

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